The bad ass zombie apes is a collection of 888 handmade and program-generated NFT’s.
Each one is a unique BAZA and has its own rarity and characteristics stored on the Ethereum blockchain.
The collection will be donating a portion of the profits and resale royalties to different charities, and we wil give more then 40% back to the community.

The Baza roadmap:

First off we will grow our community before minting, we wanna grow to a big happy zombie fam.

25% SOLD -Give away.
• 8 Baza special edition (8 off 8)NFT’s will be airdropped to early baza holders with the highest ranks in our discord community!
• 8 Baza Nft’s wil be aidropped to 8 randomly chosen O.G. discord members.

35% SOLD -Webupdate.
• The website appears in a new look with new features.

50% SOLD -Merchandise.
• Exclusive merchandise that contain the BAZA brand starting with caps, t-shirts, stickers & mor free stuff for the baza holders and members.
• Another 8 baza zombie apes will be airdropped to early holders with the highest ranks on discord!

75% SOLD -Community
• Whe will start another give away to the 10 lucky Baza holders and give them 100 dollar plus a Baza Nft.

100% SOLD -Party
• 40% we will give back to the community.
• 20% we will Donation to different Charitys.

This project is about creating a system of wealth and stability to all BAZA holders and traders ,They are unique and single edition 1 of 1 NFTs. Total supply of only 888 bad ass zombie apes, not affiliated or associated with any other projects. We also will give back by NFT giveaways and airdrops, we strongly believe: if you cant share ,you cant earn!

ETH Relaunch: we are Minting !
The Baza Team.