The Team

  • Makoe.

    Hello and welcome to Baza, my name is Makoe, I am the 2d /3d artist /designer and owner of the project, I am very enthusiastic about the Bad Ass Zombie Apes Nft series on the eth blockchain, and have previously been noticed for my more known famous artwork in Holland. I maintain a amazing social standing with the team and community members…
  • Ryan.

    Ryan’s experience was rooted in a combination of customer service, fraud detection, finance, management and various tech skills. After departing from his last role in Credit Card Fraud Detection he decided to explore the Web 3 world. This led him to dive into and study various aspects of the space such as Discord, Discord Bots, Defi, NFTs, and eventually Smart Contracts. Besides being a co-founder of Joy Boyz NFT, Ryan also has combined his experience and various skills in order to assist other NFT projects with the technical aspects of the web 3 world.